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Thanks for visiting this page. I want to tell you about an opportunity to get access to over $500 in free marketing tools and, truthfully, provide you with an absolute ton of marketing materials, including a full 271 page ebook and a killer 351 page eworkbook. If you want to skip the explanation, simply fill out the form right here. If you want more background, keep reading below.

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Let me tell you a little bit about me. (And perhaps answer your question of why I am giving away so much in this offer.)

My name is Curt Clinkinbeard and I am a small business marketing advisor. I work with clients as a consultant, coach, sounding board, brainstorming partner, and I often guide my clients through the actual implementation of the ideas. My role with clients is often different based on the client's individual needs. While there are some exceptions, generally, I work with companies who generate between $1 and $20 million in annual revenue.

(If your business is smaller than that, never fear…. There are some awesome free tools here for you!)

For 13 years, I was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing in a family owned medical manufacturing business. We grew that business up to about $5 million in annual revenues and sold it to our largest customer. (If you are a manufacturer, particularly in the medical field, I should connect with your business extremely well. )

After that, I started my own marketing consulting business, but got sidetracked by two major projects that ultimately had a huge impact on my approach…. First, I went through "success coach" training. I found this thought process fascinating. The program I took was a 2 years in length and was comparable in content to a masters degree program. A lot of great stuff that helped me "get" my clients and also better work to devise strategies to shorten their success process.

I also went to work in the SBA's Small Business Development Center (SBDC) program. There I worked with over 1000 entrepreneurs. I saw a need on the national level of the program for improved marketing tools for consultants and entrepreneurs. Ultimately, I wrote a book and workbook (CUSTOMER PILLARS) and created a large series of electronic courses which are distributed through a 501c3 not-for-profit that I started.

(You get full electronic copies of both if you complete the following form in this letter.)

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I differ from most consultants in a couple of ways….

First, I am not going to brag to you about how high my fees are. For many, this is a positioning approach that tries to impress clients with high rates. My rates are not cheap by any means, but are affordable to "normal" businesses. It's more on a "per hour" basis than hiring a VP of sales and marketing, but because you only use a smaller part of my time, the overall cost is WAY less than hiring even a lower level marketing person.

Second, I like to stay involved with companies past an initial consultation. It's pretty rare that an idea surfaces and the client goes and implements immediately and it's done. There is a reason large companies have marketing departments! Based on the way I work with clients, and how I structure my rates, I am more available to you on an ongoing basis. It is much like working with a CPA firm instead of hiring a full time CFO. In many ways, I am like an outsourced Vice President of Sales and Marketing for my clients. Based on that, I work with a small number of clients who meet a certain profile.

This is really why I am giving away a TON of free information on this page…..

Of 100 people visiting this page, one is probably a great client prospect for what I do. For that person, I am giving you a lot of information on the way I think and how I approach marketing. If you look at the material and see merit in the approach, you will enjoy working with me.

(And no, I don't worry that by giving away all this material, that you won't "need" me. Even though what I send is absolutely the approach I take, having me help you down the path will lead to faster, more tangible results. So I am quite confident I am not "giving it all away." )

For the other 99 people who are likely NOT great client prospects, the free materials I am giving you can be an incredible amount of marketing education. As you will see, I have a passion for helping people in marketing and want businesses to have the knowledge they need to grow their business. I promise you this, if you take the materials I send you seriously, you will succeed.


" The nine pillars of every business needs to grow customer revenues (book)
" Over 300 individual exercises to use to grow your business (workbook)
" The five absolutely necessary steps to create a happy customer (pillar 7)
" A simple pricing strategy that helps you avoid a huge mistake and THRILL customers (pillar 3)
" How to plan strategically all of the multiple variables in your marketing mix (pillar 9)
" A smarter approach to advertising and how to determine which vendors to use (pillar 6)
" The 12 Most-Common, Most Damaging Marketing Blunders and how to avoid them in your business (whitepaper)
" A 2 page "mindmap" of the entire marketing process (worksheet)
" A marketing plan template - an easy tool to do your own planning (word file)
" A resource with free electronic courses in small business marketing (website)
" And much more

It's a lot of stuff. I promise you will find it incredibly valuable.

So here's the deal, fill out the form below and I will send you a series of 7 emails (over the next week) with links and attachments that take you through what would be comparable to a college course in "entrepreneurial marketing."

If you don't like what I am sending, just hit the "unsubscribe" link in each email and I will immediately remove you from what we send. I have no need to or interest in pestering anyone.

There's a lot of upside benefit and no downside risk. Fill the form out now and I will send you some great marketing information.

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THANKS SO MUCH! I wish you the best in growing your business.

Warmest regards,

Curt Clinkinbeard


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